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Auld Lang Syne

The last day of the year- a time to remember what has passed and to look forward to the year ahead. This also brings my blog to an end – a year’s worth of songs for children. I hope you’ve … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in the ground

This would be a useful one for car journeys with older children- the number of verses is limited only by your memory. There was a hole (there was a hole) In the middle of the ground (in the middle of … Continue reading

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As Tommy went walking

A find from Cecil Sharp House! It’s a summer tune…. As Tommy went walking one fine summer’s day Some rosy cheeked apples he saw on his way Saw on his way, saw on his way Some rosy cheeked apples he … Continue reading

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Walk along John

This is from Ruth Crawford Seeger’s American Folksongs for Children. Come on boys, hush your talking All join hands and let’s go walking Walk along John, with your paper collar on Walk along John, with your paper collar on

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Happy Christmas!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, with much laughter, fun and peace. Listen to this rendition of We Wish you a Merry Christmas from Winter at Home (sing with Audrey from Les Petits Zouzous)- then get off the computer and … Continue reading

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The north wind doth blow

Have a wonderful time tonight and all through Christmas…   The north wind doth blow And we shall have snow And what will the robin do then, poor thing He’ll sit in the barn And keep himself warm And hide … Continue reading

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Here’s the chimney

A Christmas fingerplay. Here’s the chimney (make a fist) Here’s the top (hand on top) Open the lid (lift hand) And out Santa pops (stick up your thumb)

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When Santa got stuck up the chimney

When Santa got stuck up the chimney He began to shout ‘You girls and boys won’t get any toys If you don’t get me out My beard is black, there’s soot on my back My nose is tickley too’ When … Continue reading

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Little Jack Horner

Like everyone else at the moment, I’m jumping around, preparing for Christmas and feeling as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. So here’s another track from the Winter at Home CD. Little Jack Horner, sat in a corner … Continue reading

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Mary had a baby

A song from South Carolina which we sing every year when we go carol singing in Jigsaw. It’s on the Winter at Home CD too. Mary had a baby, oh Lord Mary had a baby, oh my Lord Mary had … Continue reading

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