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Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop!

I can’t believe it! I had NO idea that this song was not a traditional nursery rhyme until I started poking about on the internet.  Written sung by Paddy Robert in 1938, it also has a pretty counter melody- listen … Continue reading

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary

A track from my CD Rhymetime at Home 2 today-  It’s one of those songs that I’ve known for ever, and was always particularly fond of as a child. My Dictionary Of Nursery Rhymes (Opie) suggests that it may have … Continue reading

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Tony Chestnut

You may find your children learn the actions to this one quicker than you do. It’s all a play on words! Tony Chestnut (touch your toes, your knees and your head ‘nut’) Knows I love you (touch your nose, point … Continue reading

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Michael, row the boat ashore

Strictly speaking this isn’t a children’s song- but it’s so beautiful and adaptable that I decided to include it. Good for when Row row your boat has lost its shine or when rocking a baby to sleep. A bit of … Continue reading

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This little piggy

Tickling time! This little piggy went to market This little piggy stayed at home This little piggy ate roast beef And this little piggy had none And THIS little piggy…. went weeeee all the way home!

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Froggy went a courting

Another one from my first CD- Rhymetime at Home (the yellow one). This was one of my favourites as a child- how can you resist  a great tune, great story and silly voices? Froggy went a courting, he did ride … Continue reading

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A tisket, a tasket

This is a nursery rhyme from the States which has become a jazz classic. It’s actually  drop the hanky game, a bit like Duck Duck Goose,  and we played it a few times in Music Makers last year. Sorry- tracks … Continue reading

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