See poor Sally

This is my version of a song that was first collected in 1903 – I’ve continued in the tradition of adapting lyrics to our times. There are few mothers now who would suggest finding a nice young man and having children as the answer to their daughter’s tears!

Sorry- tracks are only up for a week. There are plenty of new ones on the way though!

Here are the original lyrics (as collected by Anne Geddes Gilchrist) – spot the difference!

See poor Sally, sitting on a stone
Rise up Sally and find a young man
Rise up Sally, dry your weeping eyes
Choose to the East (clap clap), choose to the West (clap clap)
Choose the very one that you love best

Now Sally’s married I hope she will enjoy
A son and a daughter and a kiss and a smile

This is a children’s game and you can just imagine a ring of children skipping around Sally crouching in the middle, who then stands and turns to the left and right to choose another child. Perhaps in the second verse, they would spin together in the middle of the ring.

For a similar dance but funkier song, with the unique Bessie Jones, watch this.


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