Backe backe Kuchen

This is another song I learnt many years ago in Germany but it was only when translating the lyrics that I realised the cakes don’t contain any sugar! What?! That’s not my kind of cake. Perhaps you could substitute Zucker (sugar) for Butter. I would.

Sorry- tracks are only up for a while. There are plenty of new ones on the way.

Backe, backe Kuchen, (Bake, bake cakes)
Der Bäcker hat gerufen! (The baker has called)
Wer will gute Kuchen backen, (Anyone who wants to bake good cakes)
Der muss haben sieben Sachen: (Must have seven things)
Eier und Schmalz, (Eggs and lard)
Butter und Salz, (Butter and salt)
Milch und Mehl, (Milk and flour)
Safran macht den Kuchen gel’! (Saffron makes the cake yellow)
Schieb in den Ofen ‘rein. (Push it into the oven)


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2 Responses to Backe backe Kuchen

  1. Bernd Fichtner says:

    In the German Wikipedia you will find “Zucker und Salz” and a melody. With “sugar there is too much fat in the cake.

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