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Little Polly Flinders

This song is rarely sung now. It’s a cautionary tale from before the time of central heating- though Polly’s mother is concerned for her clothes, not her toes. Each morning I am very glad of my modern washing machine as … Continue reading

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King Arthur

The culinary exploits of King Arthur. I think I prefer Delia. King Arthur When good King Arthur ruled the land He was a noble King! He stole three pecks of barley meal To make a bag pudding The Queen then … Continue reading

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Five little monkeys bouncing on the bed

Everyone likes to pretend to be cross and wag their finger to this one. Five little monkeys Five little monkeys bouncing on the bed (hold hand out and bounce up and down) One fell off and bumped her head (lightly … Continue reading

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I love to row in my big blue boat

For when you need a break from Row your boat! Make the sails with your arms and the flag with your hand. From Rhymetime at Home 2 (the green one). I love to row I love to row in my … Continue reading

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Upon Paul’s Steeple

Church bells seem old fashioned and a remnant of a bucolic past, but when the wind is in the right direction I can hear the faint bells of churches far across the city. I grew up a few hundred metres … Continue reading

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Down in the valley

I first heard this sung by Bessie Jones- it’s an American children’s song which you can really groove to. Once it’s in your head, it’s there all day. In the verse ‘let me see you make a motion’ it’s time … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys come out to play

I remember once staying, on my own, at my Grandpa’s house. I woke in a strange bedroom to find that it was already light, so got myself dressed and went through to find my Grandpa. He was deep in sleep, … Continue reading

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