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Here’s the beehive

A finger rhyme- clench your fist for the beehive, and put each finger out in turn for the bees. It’s a good one to play under the towel at bath time or under the duvet too! Here’s the beehive, but … Continue reading

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All around the buttercup

Although it’s apparently a traditional song, I first came across  this one in Candy Verney’s The Singing Year, which is a wonderful book full of songs and activities which reflect the changing seasons. In this game, one child is the … Continue reading

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Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater

I wonder what his wife had to say about this! Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her He put her in a pumpkin shell There he kept her very well  

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Peter uses one hammer

Hammer out all that excess energy- use one hand, then two, then add a foot then the other- and lastly- your head. If you’re not tired after that, then you’d better do it all again! Peter uses one hammer Peter … Continue reading

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Someone’s in the kitchen with Katie

When children are grumpy, sometimes a song or a dance can just nudge them out of it. This one can be adapted in so many ways: with the names, places or even instruments. Give it a try. Someone’s in the … Continue reading

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Here’s a Friday lullaby. Have a peaceful weekend. Souale

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Solomon Grundy

One of the characters in The Best of Men mentioned Solomon Grundy and reminded me  of this sad tale of a man who lived just one week, fitting a whole life into seven days.  Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy Born on Monday Christened on … Continue reading

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