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Who’s that knocking at the window?

I’ve been doing this song in my small sessions for years. It’s in Ruth Crawford Seeger’s book, American Folk Songs for Children (1948) and engages little hands very quickly. Who’s that knocking at the window? Who’s that knocking at the … Continue reading

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Bessie Bell and Mary Grey

A simple rendition of another of my archive discoveries. The story behind this one is that Bessie and Mary were two Scottish girls who built themselves a shelter to stay away from the plague. A boy who was in love … Continue reading

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Old Davey Jones

The other day I was lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of hours in the archive at Cecil Sharp House, London. I unearthed lots of songs that were new to me , which was a joy. Even … Continue reading

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Goodnight, my little baby girl

A lullaby I wrote before I even dreamt of the children I have now. From At home with Rhymetime 1 (the yellow CD) Goodnight my little baby girl It’s dark and growing still Close your eyes up tight, sleep well … Continue reading

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I’m gonna mail myself to you

A song by Woody Guthrie- do some actions and mail yourself to someone you love. I’m gonna wrap myself in paper I’m gonna daub myself with glue Stick some stamps on the top of my head I’m gonna mail myself … Continue reading

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Ich geh’ mit meine Laterne

A German song sung at Martinmas as children carry their lanterns. Ich geh’ mit meine Laterne Und meine Laterne mit mir Dort oben leuchten die Sterne hier unten, da leuchten wir Der Hahn, der kraeht, die Katz miaut Rabimmel rabammel … Continue reading

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Old Abram Brown

Slightly spooky, melancholic rounds seem to suit this cold weather. So here’s Old Abram Brown; and if you like it, have a listen to the Britten version sung by a children’s choir with piano accompaniment. Old Abram Brown is dead … Continue reading

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