Here’s a cup

When I was in Berlin over half-term, I was struck by how many children’s teas there were. When we made the beautiful red or gold herbal and fruit infusions in our glass teapot, they certainly looked good enough to drink. Perhaps you have to be brought up on them though as none of my brood really liked them, despite wanting to! Children always love to play at having cups of tea though, whether or not they like the real thing. What could be more grown-up?

Here’s a cup (put forward your clenched fist)
And here’s a cup (and the other)
And here’s a pot of tea (stick your thumb out of one fist, to make a pot)
Pour a cup (pour tea from the pot hand)
And pour a cup (again!)
And have a cup with me.

About Daily Rhymetime

I am fascinated by children's songs, old and new, from around the world. I run Rhymetime, and have three children who humour me by listening to all the wonderful tunes I uncover!
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