As Tommy went walking

A find from Cecil Sharp House! It’s a summer tune….

As Tommy went walking one fine summer’s day
Some rosy cheeked apples he saw on his way
Saw on his way, saw on his way
Some rosy cheeked apples he saw on his way


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I am fascinated by children's songs, old and new, from around the world. I run Rhymetime, and am part of Tuning In, and have three children who humour me by listening to all the wonderful tunes I uncover!
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1 Response to As Tommy went walking

  1. Bernd Fichtner says:

    Some cherry-cheeked apples so pleasant so see
    So Tommy climbed up to the top of the tree.
    The bough it did brake and poor Tommy did fall.
    He fell to the ground with apples and all.
    His face it was scratched and he felt very sore.
    He promised that he would steal apples no more.

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