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There’s a hole in the ground

This would be a useful one for car journeys with older children- the number of verses is limited only by your memory. There was a hole (there was a hole) In the middle of the ground (in the middle of … Continue reading

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Let’s go driving in our car

The summer holidays are coming up, and many of us will be going for looong journeys. Here’s where a few songs can come into their own…. or may I cheekily suggest a CD? This song’s from Rhymetime at Home (the … Continue reading

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Ten green bottles hanging on the wall

A car-journey classic this morning- this can pass hours and hours on the journey to grandma’s. Non-flash iphone/ipad version Ten green bottles If you like it, please support me by buying the CD it’s on for £6 (inc UK P&P)….. scroll down to … Continue reading

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Alice the camel

A traditional song that can be extended to include as many humps as you like. Non-flash version for iPhone/iPad Alice the camel Alice the camel has two humps Alice the camel has two humps Alice the camel has two humps, so … Continue reading

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Quartermaster’s store

A silly scouting song that has as many verses as you can make up- google for inspiration! Sorry- tracks are only up for a week. There are plenty of new ones on the way though! There are snakes, snakes , … Continue reading

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Tommy Thumb

This one is so adaptable- you can slot in a child’s name when playing peepo, or have toys pop up from the front seat when on long car journeys. From Rhymetime at Home 2 Anyone know the history of it? … Continue reading

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