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Here’s a cup

When I was in Berlin over half-term, I was struck by how many children’s teas there were. When we made the beautiful red or gold herbal and fruit infusions in our glass teapot, they certainly looked good enough to drink. … Continue reading

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Ten fat sausages

Wriggle those fingers and make the sausages pop and then bang! Better concentrate with this one as it’s surprisingly easy to lose track of how many sausages are left. From At home with Rhymetime 1 (the yellow CD). Ten fat … Continue reading

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Fais dodo

A French lullaby. The lyrics date from 1800s, and dodo is a childish way of saying ‘dormor’ or ‘sleep’. Fais dodo, Colas mon petit frere Fais dodo, t’auras du lolo Mama est en haut Qui fais des gateaux Papa est … Continue reading

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Old Mother Hubbard

I’m having an Old Mother Hubbard day today- so it’s off to the shops for me! Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard To fetch her poor dog a bone But when she got there, the cupboard was bare And … Continue reading

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There was an old woman of Norwich

My seven-year old would happily eat nothing but porridge. He consumes bowlfuls in the morning, with brown sugar on top and a hunger that comes from ‘a really good night’s sleep’, he tells me. There was an old woman of … Continue reading

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Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater

I wonder what his wife had to say about this! Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her He put her in a pumpkin shell There he kept her very well  

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King Arthur

The culinary exploits of King Arthur. I think I prefer Delia. King Arthur When good King Arthur ruled the land He was a noble King! He stole three pecks of barley meal To make a bag pudding The Queen then … Continue reading

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