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Ding dong bell

I learnt this at school and have been singing it every year since. Have a good weekend, all! Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong bell Ding dong bell, ding dong bell, ding dong, ding dong bell Hark the merry, merry … Continue reading

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London’s Burning

A round to sing and shout! London’s burning, London’s burning Fetch the engine, fetch the engine Fire fire! Fire fire! Pour a watwer, pour a water.

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Fly, fly, fly

Another autumnal round (remember Autumn time?) as the days get colder and winter approaches. This is really a warm up singing exercise and is beautifully melancholic. Fly, fly, fly The leaves are leaving the branch Cold is the wind Winter … Continue reading

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Oh, how lovely is the evening

A lullaby sung as a round. Oh, how lovely is the evening Oh, how lovely is the evening, is the evening When the bells are sweetly ringing, sweetly ringing Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.

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A Ram Sam Sam

A nonsense song that’s often sung in Guides and Scouts. At Rhymetime, and Singing for the Brain (where I volunteer for the Alzheimers Society) we do silly actions too- slap your thighs in time to the song everytime time you … Continue reading

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Tinker, tailor

My granny had beautiful dessert bowls, eat with a little lip around them for putting cherry or plum stones on to. When we’d scoffed all our pudding, we’d count the stones with this little rhyme, to determine what paths our … Continue reading

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

As a child I sang my postcode to one of the themes from Carmen, and my kids have a little jazzy riff to sing our phone number to. I realise this is a little eccentric but it works! So, when … Continue reading

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